Essex: New Constituency Boundaries 2013

Each new seat can be described as a combination of parts of old seats. These table show this decomposition. The winner of the old seat at the 2010 election is shown by party colour, as is the implied winner of the new seat.

The implied results are now calculated using the local election results for the wards which make up each old seat. This should be more accurate than the earlier implied results which assumed each constituency was homogeneous.


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Aylesbury 86.2% of Aylesbury 11.7% of Buckingham
Beaconsfield Unchanged
Buckingham 88.3% of Buckingham 13.9% of Milton Keynes South
0.0% of Aylesbury
Chesham and Amersham 100% of Chesham and Amersham 8.4% of Aylesbury
Milton Keynes North 87.5% of Milton Keynes North 8.0% of Milton Keynes South
Milton Keynes South 78.1% of Milton Keynes South 12.5% of Milton Keynes North
Wycombe 100% of Wycombe 5.4% of Aylesbury


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Basildon and Thurrock East 59.5% of Basildon South and East Thurrock 49.0% of Basildon and Billericay
Billericay and Great Dunmow 51.0% of Basildon and Billericay 42.5% of Saffron Walden
12.0% of Maldon
Braintree and Witham 50.8% of Braintree 53.9% of Witham
Brentwood and Ongar 97.8% of Brentwood and Ongar 6.6% of Basildon South and East Thurrock
Castle Point 100% of Castle Point 11.8% of Basildon South and East Thurrock
Chelmsford Unchanged
Colchester Unchanged
Epping Forest 100% of Epping Forest 2.2% of Brentwood and Ongar
Essex North East 76.7% of Harwich and North Essex 21.2% of Witham
10.8% of Clacton
Harlow 100% of Harlow 7.2% of Saffron Walden
Harwich and Clacton 89.2% of Clacton 23.3% of Harwich and North Essex
Maldon 88.0% of Maldon 25.0% of Witham
Rayleigh and Wickford 82.0% of Rayleigh and Wickford 22.1% of Basildon South and East Thurrock
Saffron Walden 50.3% of Saffron Walden 49.2% of Braintree
Southend East and Rochford 90.0% of Rochford and Southend East 18.0% of Rayleigh and Wickford
Southend West 100% of Southend West 10.0% of Rochford and Southend East
Thurrock Unchanged


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Hemel Hempstead 100% of Hemel Hempstead 4.3% of St Albans
Hertford and Stortford 89.0% of Hertford and Stortford 11.2% of Hertfordshire North East
Hertfordshire North 75.8% of Hertfordshire North East 33.8% of Hitchin and Harpenden
Hertfordshire South East 94.1% of Broxbourne 11.0% of Hertford and Stortford
Hertfordshire South West Unchanged
Hertsmere 100% of Hertsmere 4.8% of Watford
St Albans 95.7% of St Albans 11.6% of Hitchin and Harpenden
Stevenage 100% of Stevenage 7.9% of Hertfordshire North East
7.0% of Hitchin and Harpenden
Watford 95.2% of Watford
Welwyn Hatfield 100% of Welwyn Hatfield 5.9% of Broxbourne
5.1% of Hertfordshire North East