Northern Ireland: New Constituency Boundaries 2013

The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland reported in September 2013, and the new boundaries for the Province can be handled in a similar way to the rest of the UK. The main change is a reduction in the number of Northern Irish seats from 18 to 16. The likely impact on the political parties is shown in this summary table:

Party2010 Actual Seats2010 Notional SeatsChange
Sinn Fein550

The summary of the main changes in Northern Ireland is

Each new seat can be described as a combination of parts of old seats. These tables show this decomposition. The winner of the old seat at the 2010 election is shown by party colour, as is the implied winner of the new seat.

Full seat-by-seat notional results can be seen for all Northern Ireland.

The implied results are now calculated using the local election results for the wards which make up each old seat. This should be more accurate than the earlier implied results which assumed each constituency was homogeneous.


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Antrim East 95.3% of Antrim East 25.2% of Antrim South
Antrim South 69.2% of Antrim South 39.9% of Antrim North
Belfast North 100% of Belfast North 13.1% of Belfast West
Belfast South East 81.9% of Belfast East 41.7% of Belfast South
Belfast South West 86.9% of Belfast West 35.7% of Belfast South
Coleraine and Antrim North 60.1% of Antrim North 41.5% of Londonderry East
4.7% of Antrim East
Lagan Valley 100% of Lagan Valley 5.6% of Antrim South
4.0% of Upper Bann


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Newry and Armagh 97.4% of Newry and Armagh
Upper Bann 93.4% of Upper Bann 2.6% of Newry and Armagh


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Down North 100% of Down North 20.6% of Strangford
Down South 100% of Down South 2.5% of Upper Bann
Strangford 79.4% of Strangford 22.6% of Belfast South
18.1% of Belfast East


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Fermanagh and South Tyrone 100% of Fermanagh and South Tyrone 16.5% of Ulster Mid


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Foyle 100% of Foyle 8.3% of Tyrone West
Glenshane 58.5% of Londonderry East 53.8% of Ulster Mid


New seatPrimary componentSecondary component(s)
Tyrone Mid 91.7% of Tyrone West 29.7% of Ulster Mid