East Midlands: New Constituency Boundaries 2006

Each new seat can be described as a combination of parts of old seats. These table show this decomposition. The winner of the old seat at the 2005 election is shown by party colour, as is the implied winner of the new seat.

The implied results are now calculated using the local election results for the wards which make up each old seat. This should be more accurate than the earlier implied results which assumed each constituency was homogeneous.

The main changes are the creation of a new seat in Derbyshire (Derbyshire Mid), and another in Warwickshire (Kenilworth and Southam) which are calculated to be Conservative.


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Amber Valley91.3% of Amber Valley
Bolsover100% of Bolsover3.8% of Derbyshire North East
Chesterfield94.7% of Chesterfield2.7% of Derbyshire North East
Derby North56.1% of Derby North36.1% of Derby South
Derby South63.9% of Derby South21.4% of Derbyshire South
0.3% of Derby North
Derbyshire Dales73.0% of Derbyshire West7.7% of High Peak
2.6% of Amber Valley
Derbyshire Mid43.6% of Derby North27.0% of Derbyshire West
12.3% of Erewash
6.1% of Amber Valley
Derbyshire North East93.5% of Derbyshire North East5.3% of Chesterfield
Derbyshire South78.6% of Derbyshire South
Erewash87.7% of Erewash
High Peak92.3% of High Peak


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Bosworth100% of Bosworth4.7% of Charnwood
Charnwood94.0% of Charnwood
Harborough99.7% of Harborough1.1% of Blaby
Leicester East97.7% of Leicester East4.2% of Leicester West
Leicester South100% of Leicester South0.1% of Leicester West
Leicester West95.7% of Leicester West2.3% of Leicester East
Leicestershire North WestUnchanged
Leicestershire South98.9% of Blaby
Loughborough100% of Loughborough1.2% of Charnwood
Rutland and Melton100% of Rutland and Melton0.3% of Harborough


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Ashfield100% of Ashfield1.7% of Broxtowe
Bassetlaw84.7% of Bassetlaw24.1% of Newark
Broxtowe98.3% of Broxtowe
Gedling98.8% of Gedling3.2% of Sherwood
Mansfield100% of Mansfield13.0% of Bassetlaw
Newark75.9% of Newark14.0% of Rushcliffe
5.6% of Sherwood
2.3% of Bassetlaw
Nottingham East93.1% of Nottingham East4.7% of Nottingham South
Nottingham North95.5% of Nottingham North5.6% of Nottingham East
2.8% of Nottingham South
Nottingham South92.5% of Nottingham South4.5% of Nottingham North
1.3% of Nottingham East
Rushcliffe86.0% of Rushcliffe
Sherwood91.2% of Sherwood1.2% of Gedling


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Kenilworth and Southam33.3% of Rugby and Kenilworth28.9% of Stratford-on-Avon
13.2% of Warwick and Leamington
Nuneaton81.6% of Nuneaton9.5% of Warwickshire North
Rugby66.7% of Rugby and Kenilworth17.0% of Nuneaton
Stratford-on-Avon71.1% of Stratford-on-Avon6.8% of Warwick and Leamington
Warwick and Leamington80.0% of Warwick and Leamington
Warwickshire North90.5% of Warwickshire North1.4% of Nuneaton