Greater Manchester: New Constituency Boundaries 2006

Each new seat can be described as a combination of parts of old seats. These table show this decomposition. The winner of the old seat at the 2005 election is shown by party colour, as is the implied winner of the new seat.

The implied results are now calculated using the local election results for the wards which make up each old seat. This should be more accurate than the earlier implied results which assumed each constituency was homogeneous.

The main change is that the old seat of Eccles (Labour) disappears. The new seat of Rochdale is now predicted to be a Lib Dem hold.

Central Manchester

New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Altrincham and Sale West97.9% of Altrincham and Sale West
Blackley and Broughton82.3% of Manchester Blackley30.1% of Salford
Manchester Central85.0% of Manchester Central17.7% of Manchester Blackley
4.4% of Manchester Gorton
Manchester Gorton95.6% of Manchester Gorton12.9% of Manchester Central
Manchester Withington100% of Manchester Withington2.1% of Manchester Central
Salford and Eccles69.9% of Salford51.1% of Eccles
Stretford and Urmston100% of Stretford and Urmston2.1% of Altrincham and Sale West
Worsley and Eccles South55.1% of Worsley48.9% of Eccles
Wythenshawe and Sale EastUnchanged

Eastern Manchester

New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Ashton under Lyne91.7% of Ashton under Lyne1.6% of Denton and Reddish
Cheadle95.9% of Cheadle6.7% of Stockport
3.7% of Hazel Grove
Denton and Reddish92.3% of Denton and Reddish3.3% of Stockport
Hazel Grove93.6% of Hazel Grove4.1% of Cheadle
Heywood and Middleton100% of Heywood and Middleton6.6% of Rochdale
Oldham East and Saddleworth88.4% of Oldham East and Saddleworth7.3% of Oldham West and Royton
Oldham West and Royton92.7% of Oldham West and Royton8.3% of Ashton under Lyne
Rochdale93.4% of Rochdale11.6% of Oldham East and Saddleworth
Stalybridge and Hyde100% of Stalybridge and Hyde1.2% of Denton and Reddish
0.0% of Ashton under Lyne
Stockport90.1% of Stockport4.9% of Denton and Reddish
2.7% of Hazel Grove

Western Manchester

New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Bolton North East99.6% of Bolton North East3.4% of Bolton South East
Bolton South East96.6% of Bolton South East9.6% of Bolton West
0.1% of Bolton North East
Bolton West90.4% of Bolton West8.4% of Worsley
7.1% of Leigh
0.3% of Bolton North East
Bury North92.0% of Bury North
Bury South100% of Bury South8.0% of Bury North
Leigh65.8% of Leigh36.5% of Worsley
4.1% of Makerfield
Makerfield79.1% of Makerfield27.1% of Leigh
Wigan100% of Wigan16.8% of Makerfield