Lancashire: New Constituency Boundaries 2006

Each new seat can be described as a combination of parts of old seats. These table show this decomposition. The winner of the old seat at the 2005 election is shown by party colour, as is the implied winner of the new seat.

The implied results are now calculated using the local election results for the wards which make up each old seat. This should be more accurate than the earlier implied results which assumed each constituency was homogeneous.

Within Merseyside, Labour loses one seat which disappears (Knowsley North and Sefton East) and another (Wirral West) to the Conservatives. In Lancashire, the Conservatives lose a seat to Labour (Lancaster and Fleetwood), but gain one new seat (Wyre and Preston North).


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Blackburn98.6% of Blackburn
Blackpool North and Cleveleys73.0% of Blackpool North and Fleetwood14.2% of Blackpool South
0.6% of Lancaster and Wyre
Blackpool South85.8% of Blackpool South0.3% of Blackpool North and Fleetwood
Chorley89.6% of Chorley
Fylde86.9% of Fylde
Hyndburn100% of Hyndburn1.5% of Rossendale and Darwen
Lancashire WestUnchanged
Lancaster and Fleetwood53.1% of Lancaster and Wyre26.7% of Blackpool North and Fleetwood
1.4% of Morecambe and Lunesdale
Morecambe and Lunesdale98.6% of Morecambe and Lunesdale
Preston73.8% of Preston5.8% of Fylde
0.6% of Ribble Valley
Ribble South86.0% of Ribble South10.4% of Chorley
Ribble Valley65.9% of Ribble Valley24.6% of Preston
14.0% of Ribble South
Rossendale and Darwen98.5% of Rossendale and Darwen1.4% of Blackburn
Wyre and Preston North46.2% of Lancaster and Wyre33.5% of Ribble Valley
7.3% of Fylde
1.6% of Preston
0.0% of Blackpool North and Fleetwood


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Birkenhead99.8% of Birkenhead9.8% of Wirral West
0.7% of Wirral South
Bootle100% of Bootle33.8% of Crosby
Garston and Halewood88.7% of Liverpool Garston21.1% of Knowsley South
0.9% of Liverpool Wavertree
Knowsley56.2% of Knowsley South55.6% of Knowsley North and Sefton East
Liverpool Riverside86.7% of Liverpool Riverside9.7% of Liverpool Walton
4.3% of Liverpool Garston
2.0% of Liverpool Wavertree
Liverpool Walton87.7% of Liverpool Walton14.2% of Liverpool West Derby
5.3% of Liverpool Riverside
0.9% of Liverpool Wavertree
Liverpool Wavertree81.3% of Liverpool Wavertree7.9% of Liverpool Riverside
7.0% of Liverpool Garston
1.4% of Liverpool West Derby
Liverpool West Derby84.5% of Liverpool West Derby14.9% of Liverpool Wavertree
2.6% of Liverpool Walton
Sefton Central66.2% of Crosby44.4% of Knowsley North and Sefton East
St Helens North100% of St Helens North7.3% of St Helens South
St Helens South and Whiston92.7% of St Helens South22.7% of Knowsley South
Wallasey100% of Wallasey3.7% of Wirral West
Wirral South95.3% of Wirral South0.2% of Birkenhead
Wirral West86.5% of Wirral West3.9% of Wirral South
0.0% of Wallasey