West Midlands: New Constituency Boundaries 2006

Each new seat can be described as a combination of parts of old seats. These table show this decomposition. The winner of the old seat at the 2005 election is shown by party colour, as is the implied winner of the new seat.

The implied results are now calculated using the local election results for the wards which make up each old seat. This should be more accurate than the earlier implied results which assumed each constituency was homogeneous.

The main change is in Birmingham, where one Labour seat disappears. Although its name survives, Birmingham Selly Oak is the most fragmented old seat.


New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Birmingham Edgbaston96.0% of Birmingham Edgbaston4.7% of Birmingham Ladywood
3.2% of Birmingham Northfield
Birmingham Erdington100% of Birmingham Erdington0.9% of Birmingham Perry Barr
0.4% of Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham Hall Green47.5% of Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath36.7% of Birmingham Hall Green
23.9% of Birmingham Selly Oak
2.0% of Birmingham Edgbaston
Birmingham Hodge Hill94.1% of Birmingham Hodge Hill19.6% of Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath
12.1% of Birmingham Ladywood
Birmingham Ladywood70.6% of Birmingham Ladywood10.2% of Birmingham Perry Barr
9.6% of Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath
0.9% of Birmingham Edgbaston
Birmingham Northfield95.8% of Birmingham Northfield25.3% of Birmingham Selly Oak
1.1% of Birmingham Hall Green
Birmingham Perry Barr89.0% of Birmingham Perry Barr12.7% of Birmingham Ladywood
Birmingham Selly Oak62.2% of Birmingham Hall Green50.8% of Birmingham Selly Oak
1.2% of Birmingham Edgbaston
0.9% of Birmingham Northfield
Birmingham Yardley100% of Birmingham Yardley23.3% of Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath
5.9% of Birmingham Hodge Hill
Sutton Coldfield99.6% of Sutton Coldfield0.0% of Birmingham Erdington

West Midlands

New seat  Primary component  Secondary component
Aldridge-Brownhills94.4% of Aldridge-Brownhills
Coventry North East99.8% of Coventry North East2.1% of Coventry South
1.1% of Coventry North West
Coventry North West95.8% of Coventry North West
Coventry South97.9% of Coventry South3.1% of Coventry North West
0.2% of Coventry North East
Dudley North86.2% of Dudley North1.0% of Dudley South
Dudley South91.7% of Dudley South
Halesowen and Rowley Regis96.4% of Halesowen and Rowley Regis1.7% of Stourbridge
1.1% of West Bromwich West
0.7% of Warley
Meriden97.3% of Meriden6.4% of Solihull
Solihull93.6% of Solihull2.7% of Meriden
Stourbridge98.3% of Stourbridge7.3% of Dudley South
0.4% of Halesowen and Rowley Regis
Walsall North96.6% of Walsall North4.2% of Walsall South
Walsall South95.8% of Walsall South5.6% of Aldridge-Brownhills
3.4% of Walsall North
Warley99.3% of Warley4.9% of West Bromwich West
2.9% of Halesowen and Rowley Regis
West Bromwich East99.9% of West Bromwich East2.4% of West Bromwich West
West Bromwich West91.6% of West Bromwich West0.3% of Halesowen and Rowley Regis
0.1% of West Bromwich East
Wolverhampton North East99.0% of Wolverhampton North East4.2% of Wolverhampton South West
Wolverhampton South East100% of Wolverhampton South East13.8% of Dudley North
1.4% of Wolverhampton South West
Wolverhampton South West94.3% of Wolverhampton South West1.0% of Wolverhampton North East