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Choose a combination of both geography and data type. There are five geographies available: Current 2015 Seats; Proposed new 2018 Seats (now abandoned); Council wards as at 2015; Council wards as at 2019; Council wards as at 2020. There are also twelve data types available including both political and demographic measures. See Definitions for more details about them.

Seats have green boundaries, wards have brown boundaries, and localities (output areas) have purple boundaries.

The map is fully browsable – you can move around the country and zoom in and out. You can also focus on a particular seat to see all the localities (census output areas) within it. Just click on any seat's marker to get focus on it, or enter a postcode into the "Focus postcode" box and press 'Go'. Focus mode shows all the localities within the seat, coloured according to the selected data type. To cancel the focus mode, press the 'Clear Focus' button.

To see the names of seats, wards or localities, just hover your mouse over the relevant circular marker. Alternatively, click the tick box 'Show Labels' and this will display all the area names when the map is zoomed in to a sufficiently large scale.

Power user tip: To see an individual output area, enter its postcode into the 'Focus Postcode' box and switch to 'Wards 2019' geography.

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Data Definitions

Indicator definitions are given in terms of political data definitions or census categories:

Definition / Included Census CategoriesNational
Party 2019Area party winner : actual 2019 election result or projected by Electoral Calculus
Party 2017Area party winner : actual 2017 election result or projected by Electoral Calculus
Party 2015Area party winner : actual 2015 election result or projected by Electoral Calculus
TribeTribe identification, estimated by Electoral Calculus. Learn about the seven political tribes.
EconomicEconomic position between 100° Left and 100° Right, estimated by Electoral Calculus from political and demographic data.
NationalNational position between 100° Global and 100° National, estimated by Electoral Calculus from political and demographic data.
SocialSocial position between 100° Socially Liberal and 100° Socially Conservative, estimated by Electoral Calculus from political and demographic data.
EU RefEU Referendum vote share for 'Remain' or 'Leave' : actual result or estimate52% Leave
BritishNational Identity (KS202)Percentage of those answering British, British-Other, or Scottish-British.29%
Good HealthHealth (KS301)Percentage of those answering 'Very Good Health'.48%
UK BornCountry of Birth (QS203)Percentage of those answering England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, GB Other, or UK Other.88%
Good EducHighest level of Qualification (QS501)Percentage of those whose highest educational qualification is Level 3 (A-level equivalent) or Level 4+ (degree equivalent).39%
Good JobOccupation (QS606)Percentage of those with jobs whose job is in the top Occupation codes 1xx to 4xx (Managers, Professionals, Associates, and office workers).51%
High SECNS-SeC of Household Reference Person (QS609)Percentage of those whose National Statistics Socio-economic Classification is in the top four categories (higher managers and professionals, lower managers and professionals, intermediate occupations, small employers and self-employed). 51%
Ave AgeAge (QS103)Average age of adults (18 years and above).48.5 years
ABC1 ClassApproximated Social Grade (QS611)Percentage of those whose Approximated social grades is A, B or C1 ("middle class").53%

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