Dynamic Map


Geographical Boundary Lines courtesy of Ordnance Survey OpenData © Crown copyright 2013

Cartographic Map

This map has one key powerful feature.

It is an equal population area representation. Each seat is drawn to the same size, which is approximately equivalent to equal area for equal population Differences to normal maps include the northern part of Scotland which is much smaller than usual, and the metropolitan areas which are much larger. These are shown as separate inserts to reduce the distortion of the map.

It is useful to have the map is this style because it avoids the natural over-representation of rural seats in standard maps.

Geographic Map

This is the more familiar map of the UK using actual geography, so that the size of each seat on the screen is in proportion to the area of the seat in actual acres or hectares.

This map has the true relative positions and sizes of seats. This can be useful for finding a particular seat or to see how particular areas of the country voted.

However it can be misleading for an overall national political picture. This is because the rural seats are much larger than the urban seats, and they tend to dominate the visual picture. This can give a misleading impression of Conservative strength and Labour weakness.

For a national picture, it is recommended to look at the equal population map.