Two-D Politics

Electoral Calculus has pioneered a deeper way of analysing politics than just using the traditional left/right spectrum.

Two-D Politics is an new framework based on a two-dimensional analysis comprising both economic and international/national attitudes.

Explore this exciting new approach today with these articles and interactive features.


Two-D Map of Party Supporters

Two-Dimensional Political Mapping

Introductory article (below) describing the new two-dimensional mapping scheme
Posted 7-Dec-2016

Interactive Feature

Plot My Two-D Position

Plot my Two-D Position

Take the quick Electoral Calculus survey to discover your own position on the Two-D map

Interactive Feature

Two-D Vote on Public Figures

Two-D Vote on Public Figures

Cast your own vote on the Two-D positions of public figures at home and abroad


Lauderdale Tower, Barbican

The Thirty Most Extreme Places in Britain (Part 1)

Using a very detailed database of Two-D attitudes throughout the country, here is the first half of the list of the most extreme localities.
Posted 29-Mar-2017


Scotland Road, Liverpool

The Thirty Most Extreme Places in Britain (Part 2)

Using a very detailed database of Two-D attitudes throughout the country, this is the concluding list focusing on political extremes.
Posted 21-Apr-2017


Two-D Map of GB Wards

Two-D Political Analysis

Practical application of Two-D politics to the current political scene, with implications for Labour and UKIP
Posted 30-Dec-2016

Survey Results

Two-D Survey Results

How nationalist are today's politicians?

Here is what the public thinks.See the results of the Two-D position votes (Daily Telegraph online)
Posted 10-Apr-2017


Copeland Map

Two-D Analysis of Copeland

Pre-election analysis of the Copeland by-election using Two-D.
Posted 13-Feb-2017


Stoke-on-Trent Central Map

Two-D Analysis of Stoke Central

Pre-election analysis of the Stroke-on-Trent Central by-election using Two-D.
Posted 25-Jan-2017