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You don't need to spend much more on your existing polling to get a world of much clearer and more actionable insight.

Martin Baxter
Founder & CEO, Electoral Calculus

Affordable MRP Polling and quantitative consultancy

Our innovative methods for regression polling make MRP-style techniques available on regular budgets. You get the power of modern techniques, but without costing the earth.

“ At ComRes I worked with Electoral Calculus over the course of some years, with many projects and pitches under our belt. I have absolutely no hesitation in endorsing Electoral Calculus as a business partner and provider of expertise. Dr Martin Baxter is a delight to work with – straightforward, highly knowledgeable and a really great addition to any relevant project. ”

ANDREW HAWKINS, pollster and founder of ComRes

Work with us to:

1Run an MRP-style regression on your own polling
2Get better and detailed insight from your polling
3Predict an election
4Utilise our UK political and electoral database
5Roll out customised mapping and analytical solutions

Are you the right fit to work with Electoral Calculus

Business and organisations that can most benefit from our services usually often

  • Commission their own conventional polling, but need either more accuracy or more geographical/profile data about respondents with particular attitudes, or
  • Need their own insight into the likely result of an upcoming election in an established democracy with free and fair elections, or
  • Need access to fine geographical detail of UK political attitudes and voting patterns, or
  • Need to quickly provide solutions to staff and campaigners which give web-based detailed mapping information about local attitudes

Steps for regression polling

1We can validate that your polling fieldwork is asking the right questions and has a sufficient sample size, in order to provide useful regression insight. Most reputable polling is usually easily compatible with regression techniques, whether or not your pollster has used regression before. Normally we check the questions before fieldwork commences, but regression can often be done retrospectively on polls which are already completed as long as the raw data files are still available.
2Fieldwork is conducted in the usual way by your pollster. If you do not have an existing pollster, we will be happy to discuss possible polling options which suit your circumstances.
3Once fieldwork is completed, we process the raw data files to produce the regression and apply it to your target questions and target areas.
4You receive the output in a convenient format with full explanations and the opportunity to discuss the results with us.

“ Electoral Calculus were excellent partners on the Constitution Society's recent electoral pacts and the constitution project – it was a pleasure collaborating with them and we would thoroughly recommend their services. Martin Baxter played a vital role in the development and execution of the project, providing invaluable insights from start to finish with considerable enthusiasm.

We were highly satisfied with the thorough expertise and analysis provided by Electoral Calculus at low-cost and in good time. We look forward to partnering with Martin and his team again in the future. ”

ALEX WALKER, Constitution Society

How are services charged?

Regression polling, prediction and solutions can be charged either on a fixed-fee basis, or as an hourly rate. Which is used depends partly on whether the project is well-defined or more open-ended.

Stand-alone electoral data is charged on a "per ward" basis, with price reductions for larger purchases.

“ Working with Electoral Calculus at Find Out Now has been transformative. Dr. Martin Baxter's expertise has guided us through some very complex political subjects, given us confidence and provided rigour to our output. His enthusiasm is infectious and the team are visibly inspired by him. We would recommend getting in touch with Martin even if you don't have a project in mind. You will want to find one. ”

CHRIS HOLBROOK, pollster and founder of Find Out Now

“Sounds interesting. How do we start?”

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Martin Baxter

Founder & CEO, Electoral Calculus

Martin Baxter is the founder and CEO of Electoral Calculus, a quantitative political consultancy which specialises in applying advanced mathematical and computational techniques to polling and market research.

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Electoral Calculus was the most accurate pre-poll predictor of the 2019 UK General Election