Plot My Three-D Position

You can plot your own political position on the Three-D Map by giving your views and opinions on a number of political and economic questions. When complete, you will see your own position on the Three-D Map giving your economic position on the left/right axis, and also your position on the globalist/nationalist axis. Additionally you can see the position of your local neighbourhood, plus the average position of supporters of the main political parties.

The questionnaire is anonymous and individual responses are completely confidential.

There are fifteen questions in all, which should take around 5 minutes to complete.

Please press the "Start Questions" button to begin.

Each question makes a statement. For each statement, choose whether you basically agree or disagree with it, and whether that feeling is mild or strong. If you are neutral between agree and disagree then choose 'Neutral'.

If you really do not know how to answer the question, press the "Don't know" button, but this will make your position less accurate.

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Do not press your browser's Back or Refresh button whilst answering the questions.

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Finally, please enter your home postcode in the box below so you can compare yourself with our estimates of the political position of people in your local neighbourhood.


Your answers are anonymous and confidential and we will not ask for your specific address.

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