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This page allows you to make your own predictions both for the entire country and for any particular Westminster constituency in England, Scotland and Wales. All you need is your own estimate (or guess) of national opinion support for the three major parties. This may come from:

To specify non-uniform regional swings, use the Regional Predictor.

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To make your prediction, enter the national (GB) support levels for the three major parties. (The actual election results are shown for reference.)
Advanced option: you can also enter tactical swing parameters (usually between -5% and 5%).

PartySupport2010 Votes(Tactical Swing)
Conser­vatives%36.97% % to LIB
Labour%29.66% % to LIB
Liberal Democrat %23.56% % to LAB

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Seat Boundaries to use
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Notes The usual display is of all the seats predicted to change hands ("All GB changed seats"). You can select other displays from the 'Seats to display' menu list, which includes a majority-sorted list of all GB seats, and the option to study any region in detail. If a region is selected, the 'Individual seat' menu list allows you to see all the region's seats majority-sorted, or to examine a particular single constituency. A map of regions can help.

Boundaries Predictions can be made on the basis of the existing 2010 constituency boundaries (650 seats), the proposed new boundaries (600 seats), or any historic election since 1983.

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