User-defined Prediction

The predicted results in the country, given the National levels of support which you entered, are as follows.

National Prediction: Conservative majority 80

Party2017 Votes2017 SeatsPred VotesPred Seats
CON 43.5%318 38.0%365
LAB 41.0%262 26.0%164
LIB 7.6%12 7.0%16
UKIP 1.9%0 4.0%0
Green 1.7%1 2.0%1
SNP 3.1%35 3.1%41
PlaidC 0.5%4 0.5%4
TIG 0.0%0 14.0%41
N.Ire 18 18

This prediction is based on the hypothesis that the Labour party splits into two. The original official Labour party ('LAB') and the new breakaway party (called 'TIG' for short) are shown separately. The model is based in each seat on a random simulation of Labour votes between the old and new parties, and it is not yet possible to give a definite seat-by-seat prediction or show changed seats.

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