Data Privacy

Electoral Calculus respects the privacy of its clients and website users.

No personal data about the political opinions of the site users are stored by the site. This applies particularly to the interactive feature where users can specify political scenarios, give political opinions, or pass political judgement on public figures.

Anonymized data from these features may be logged for aggregate statistical purposes, but such data logs do not contain any identifying personal attributes such as user name or IP address.

If you choose to subscribe to the Electoral Calculus mailing list, then we will store your email details in accordance with data protection regulations. Please see the subscription page for full details. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time using the same subscription page.

Electoral Calculus does not use cookies, except to provide security for online client login. The login process uses a cookie to store the authentication for the secure session. The cookie will be destroyed once the user logouts or closes the Electoral Calculus web page. We do not share cookies with third-parties or use cookies for other purposes. If a user does not want us to use cookies in this away, then they should not use the client login service.

Electoral Calculus Ltd does not send or sell website users' personal data to any other party.

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