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You can see how much demographics and history shape all our current political attitudes. Just answer these questions about your self and your past political history, and the Electoral Calculus regression algorithm will predict if and how you voted at the 2017 general election. You can compare with what you actually did. The algorithm won't be right every time, but it is fairly accurate (details).

The questionnaire is anonymous and individual responses are completely confidential.

There are only eleven questions, which should take less than two minutes to complete.

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Q1. About yourself – Age

Your age. Which age band were you in on the election date of 8 June 2017?


Q2. About yourself – Gender

Your gender. Which gender are you?


Q3. About yourself – Working

Your working status. Were you working around 8 June 2017? (If a full-time student, select that option even if you have a part-time job as well.)

Working Full time
Working Part time
Student Full time
Not working Part time or Full time

Q4. About yourself – Employment

Q5. About yourself – Occupation

Your occupation. Which description best matches the nature of your occupation? If you are not currently working, please select your most recent occupation. If you have never worked, select "Never worked".

Corporate Managers And Directors
Other Managers And Proprietors
Science, Research, Engineering And Technology Professionals
Health Professionals
Teaching And Educational Professionals
Business, Media And Public Service Professionals
Science, Engineering And Technology Associate Professionals
Health And Social Care Associate Professionals
Protective Service Occupations
Culture, Media And Sports Occupations
Business And Public Service Associate Professionals
Administrative Occupations
Secretarial And Related Occupations
Skilled Agricultural And Related Trades
Skilled Metal, Electrical And Electronic Trades
Skilled Construction And Building Trades
Textiles, Printing And Other Skilled Trades
Caring Personal Service Occupations
Leisure, Travel And Related Personal Service Occupations
Sales Occupations
Customer Service Occupations
Process, Plant And Machine Operatives
Transport And Mobile Machine Drivers And Operatives
Elementary Trades And Related Occupations
Elementary Administration And Service Occupations
Never worked

Q6. About yourself – Occupation details

Your occupation. Which description best matches your specific occupation? If you are not currently working, please select your most recent occupation. If these occupations don't look right, try going back to the previous page and selecting a different category.

Q7. About yourself – Housing

Your housing. Who owned the housing that you lived in, in June 2017?

Owned outright by me or my family
Owned with a mortgage by me or my family
Rented from a private landlord (or rent-free)
Rented from a local authority or housing association

Q8. About yourself – Education

Your education. What are the highest educational qualifications that you have gained?

Degree level or above
At least two A-levels, or four AS-Levels, Higher School certificate, or equivalent
At least five O-Levels (passes), CSEs (Grade 1), GCSEs (grade A*−C), or equivalent
Other O-Level, CSE or GCSE, or NVQ level 1
No qualifications

Q9. About yourself – Constituency

Your constituency. Which constituency were you registered to vote in at the election on 8 June 2017? If you were registered in more than one constituency, choose the constituency in which you voted.

You can either pick the constituency from a list, or enter your postcode to look it up:


Q10. Past voting – EU Referendum

EU Referendum vote. At the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016, how did you vote? (If too young to vote in 2016, please indicate your likely decision.)

Remain in the EU
Leave the EU
Did not vote

Q11. Past voting – General Election in 2015

General Election in 2015. At the previous General Election on 7 May 2015, how did you vote? (If too young to vote in 2015, please indicate your likely decision.)

Conservative (led by David Cameron)
Labour (led by Ed Miliband)
Liberal Democrat (led by Nick Clegg)
UKIP (led by Nigel Farage)
Green party (led by Natalie Bennett)
SNP (Scotland only)
Plaid Cymru (Wales only)
Other party
Did not vote

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Based on the answers that you gave, the Electoral Calculus analytics have estimated the likelihood of how you voted in the June 2017 general election. These calculations are based on statistical averages and may not be right for any particular individual.

The results are being processed.

Again, it should be remembered that this feature is for demonstration purposes only, and should be accurate for about three people in four. You can see more explanation of the Regression Method and how it works.

If you like, you can help us by saying whether this assessment was correct in your case:

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