Northern Ireland user-defined Poll

This page allows you to make your own Westminster predictions for Northern Ireland, letting you see the whole of Northern Ireland at once or showing detail about any individual constituency. All you need is your own estimate (or guess) of Northern Irish opinion support for the main parties. This may come from:
To make your prediction, enter the Northern Ireland support levels for the main parties. (The actual election results are shown for reference.)

PartySupport2017 Votes
Democratic Unionist %36.0%
Sinn Fein%29.4%
Ulster Unionist%10.3%

What to display
Seat to display
Seat Boundaries to use

Notes. You can see all the Northern Ireland changed seats, or a majority-sorted list of all seats or pick a constituency to study in detail. Then select from "Seat to display" to pick a drilldown choice.

Boundaries Predictions can be made on the basis of the existing 2017 constituency boundaries (650 seats), the proposed new boundaries (600 seats), or a recent historic election.

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