Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a different set of parties competing to win Westminster seats. NI polling for general elections has been very limited in the past, which has unfortunately prevented NI predictions. In a new collaboration between Electoral Calculus and respected NI pollster LucidTalk we plan to bring regular polling for the province along with seat-by-seat predictions, analysis and information.

The first LucidTalk poll was conducted in August 2019 and these pages show the most recent prediction for Northern Ireland Westminster seats.

Northern Ireland polling and seat projection is a collaboration between Electoral Calculus and LucidTalk.

Predictions of seats won at Westminster

Features which will be available:

Current Northern Ireland Prediction

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Prediction based on opinion polls from 27 Nov 2019 to 30 Nov 2019, sampling 2,318 people.

Seat vote share predictions and win chances calculated by Electoral Calculus using our own models applied to the seat win-probabilities analysis, and NI party vote share polling results, from LucidTalk's 28th-30th November 2019 "NI Tracker poll". These can be reviewed directly on LTs website – click here.