Customised Mapping and Solutions

Electoral Calculus can help you integrate polling insight into practical campaigning. We can provide customised software and web tools so that your physical and virtual campaigns can benefit from the polling insight and geographical detail of regression analysis.


Electoral Calculus can use regression analysis of your polling to infer the likely political attitude or behaviour of small geographical areas. These can be as small as census output areas. There are over 230,000 output areas, each consisting of a few streets, or half-a-dozen postcodes. This provides a fine level of geographic detail without compromising on individual privacy.

The results of your polling can be available as maps visible on a customised website. These maps are zoomable, panable and searchable giving geographic details down to output area level. This gives on the ground insight to your staff and/or local campaigners to campaign more effectively and target messaging in the most productive way.

Map: Street-level view of area around Uxbridge station in West London showing census output areas by their segmentation into tribes based on political attitudes.

Custom Analytic Solutions

We can also supply custom solutions to the processing of polls, including regression analysis. This is particularly useful for organisations which have a steady stream of incoming polling data which needs to be processed as quickly and cheaply as possible.

With our unique lightning-fast and robust analytics library, called TigerLib, we can provide on-site or on-line analytic solutions customised for your poll processing needs.

Please contact us for further details.

Campaign Integration

The insights from regression polling can be integrated into your campaigning in three main ways.

Firstly, the visual maps can help local campaigners on the ground to target messaging in the most effective way. By having insight into the likely political attitudes of each small area, they can target resources and messaging more efficiently.

Secondly, the geographic information can also be cross-referenced with your own database of contacts and their postal addresses. You can send direct mail on a topic to those contacts who are most likely to find it interesting.

And finally, the regression produces demographic profiles of your key target audiences or market segments. These profiles can then be integrated into social media campaigns to target your messages to the right audience.

If you have more questions or would like to discuss a possible project, please contact us at:

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