Scottish Elections

Scotland has a distinct political make-up and its politics can behave differently from the rest of the UK. Polling in Scottish newspapers and media also allows us to make specific predictions for Scottish seats at Westminster. These pages contain Scotland-specific information, analysis and predictions.

Predictions of seats won at Westminster

Current Prediction

Party2015 Votes2015 SeatsPred VotesPred Seats
CON 14.9%1 22.0%2
LAB 24.3%1 16.5%0
LIB 7.5%1 6.5%1
UKIP 1.6%0 3.0%0
Green 1.3%0 3.0%0
SNP 50.0%56 48.0%56
Minor 0.3%0 1.0%0

Prediction based on opinion polls from 09 Sep 2016 to 04 Oct 2016, sampling 2,034 people.

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