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On this page you can purchase seat-by-seat predictions and political attitudes ahead of the 2024 general election, based on our exclusive national MRP polling.

You can see details of the data.

Data is available on a seat-by-seat basis, and there are two different levels:

Additionally a free sample of the data for your seat is available so you can see for yourself before ordering.

What you get

Immediately on ordering you will receive an Excel spreadsheet containing the data for your constituency. The spreadsheet will have three main data sheets:

Note that local data are estimates derived from national MRP polling and not from constituency-specific polling.

Voting intention figures are updated at least every month and more frequently during the campaign period. You can download data for your purchased seat as often as you like to get the latest up-to-date political predictions.

No maps are included in this service, but please get in touch if you have specific mapping needs.


The price for the standard dataset for one seat is £300 (inc VAT) including unlimited VI updates, and the premium dataset is £500 (inc VAT). Bulk pricing for multiple seats is available.

Order now

Data can be purchased immediately and securely online. Please note that these datasets can only be used within the organisation for which they are purchased and cannot be republished or redistributed without prior permission of Electoral Calculus.

For larger orders, please contact us directly for bulk discounts.

To order your data now, please choose your seat and package type, and press 'Checkout'.

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If you have already purchased data, and you would like an updated version of the spreadsheet with new voting intention predictions, please press here:

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