Electoral Calculus has a wide variety of maps and mapping tools to help you understand electoral geography, predictions, and new boundaries.

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New Boundaries

New Boundaries 2023 Map

New Boundaries 2023

An interactive map of the new seat boundary proposals for 2023. The map shows all the new seats, overlaid on Open Street Map.

The map is fully browsable, and clicking on a new seat will give full details of the new seat and its politics.

Prediction Map

Dynamic map

This unique map can show both true geography and also an equal-area for a more representative view. It also shows the last election, our/your predicted results, and the changes on a seat-by-seat basis.

Data Map

Norwich South: localities by EU Ref

Data Map

Uniquely detailed Data Map of the whole country showing twelve political and social measures including party vote in 2019, 2017 and 2015, left/right and international/national attitudes, and EU referendum result.

All available at four geographic levels of detail: current seats, proposed new seats, wards, and individual neighbourhood localities.

Local Maps

SSeat Details map of Ynys Mon (Anglesey)

Individual seat map

See each seat in glorious detail with Open Street Map overlaid with seat and ward boundaries, plus ward markers showing the party winner.

Get started with the Seat Explorer or just enter your postcode:


National Seat Map

Browsable Seat Map

Browsable seat map

This browsable map shows all of the old seats with the boundaries and seat markers coloured for the winning party, overlaid on Open Street Map.

Clicking on a seat shows the predicted winner, using current opinion polls, and also gives the option of getting full details about the seat.


Election result 1955

Timeline from 1955

An interactive timeline map of all general elections since 1955, showing how the country voted area-by-area, with political commentary and overview of swings and trends.

Travel through British electoral history either going forwards and backwards.

Administrative boundaries

Area Map

Large Area map

A popular classic map, this static Area Map shows the twelve official areas of the UK, along with the traditional county boundaries.

Note this map is 380kB in size.

Administrative boundaries

Area Definitions Map

This map is a smaller-sized version of the Large Area map above. It includes the full definition of the twelve areas in terms of both historic counties and district, borough and unitary councils.

Psephological boundaries

Regional Definitions Map

This map gives the definitions of the twenty Electoral Calculus regions, which are designed for long-term political analysis, and are distinct from any administrative boundaries.

New Boundaries

New Boundaries 2018

An interactive map of the now abandoned new seat boundary proposals for 2018. The map shows all the new seats, overlaid on Open Street Map.

The map is browsable and has links to details of each seat.