New website design

This page first posted 6 January 2021

The Electoral Calculus website has got a new look for the new year.

The old design had got a little out-of-date, so it was good to improve the design and make things easier for the many site users.

Among the improvements are:

There is also a new company logo, which we hope will make the company and website more recognisable:


Desktop navigation is driven by the navigation bar at the top of the screen (Make sure your browser window is wide enough for this to be displayed.) Hovering over any of the categories will show a dropdown menu giving the main options.

More minor pages can be found from the section home page, or by using the new search feature.

On tablets and mobiles, press the menu icon () at the top-right to see a pop-up menu of sections. Then press the expand icon () to see the sub-section choices:

If you are having any difficulties viewing the site try a 'hard refresh' to clear your existing cache of old CSS and JavaScript files.


All the existing site features are still available as before. Features which have been particularly improved by the new design include:

Electoral Calculus worked with Andy Fuller, a great web designer who runs DesignBull, to make the new design.

If you have any comments about the new design, or have spotted anything which isn't working perfectly, please let us know by email to .