Affordable MRP Polling and quantitative consultancy

Electoral Calculus is a political consultancy specialising in quantitative analysis and modelling for electoral and other market research projects. Below are a few of the services we provide for:


Low Cost MRP Regression

Electoral Calculus has pioneered low-cost MRP regression techniques for high-quality and insightful analysis of polling data.


UK Electoral and Political Data Services

Electoral Calculus has an unrivalled dataset of UK political party support and political attitudes down to a very detailed geographical level.


Election Predictions

Electoral Calculus is an experienced predictor of elections, and made the most accurate pre-poll predictions for the UK General Election in 2019.


Customised Mapping and Solutions

Electoral Calculus can also help you integrate polling insight into practical campaigning. We can provide customised software and web tools so that your physical and virtual campaigns can benefit from the polling insight and geographical detail of regression analysis.


The UK General Election December 2019

Electoral Calculus made the most accurate pre-poll prediction of the result of the December 2019 General Election. Our final prediction correctly predicted a Conservative victory with a substantial majority.


Three-D Political Segmentation

Electoral Calculus undertook a project to create a political segmentation of the UK voting population by political attitudes. This has become more relevant recently since the traditional left-right axis no longer captures the full reality of the public's political attitudes.


UK European Union Elections May 2019

Electoral Calculus made vote share and seat predictions at the last British elections for the EU Parliament in May 2019. We used our regression analysis of our own commissioned polls, on behalf of Remain United.