New Constituency Boundaries for England and Wales 2006

This page first posted 5 February 2006


During 2005-6, the Boundary Commission for England and the Boundary Commission for Wales have been publishing their final recommendations for the new constituencies boundaries. (Scotland already had a review in the previous parliament.) These boundaries will take effect at the next General Election. The final recommendations were published in July 2006, and our thanks go to both Boundary Commissions for making the full ward details available.

We have calculated implied results for the 2005 election as if it had been run under the new boundaries. These implied results, unlike the earlier provisional results, use the results in the full set of 9,000 local authority wards in England and Wales. These ward results are used to determine how evenly, or not, political support is distributed throughout each old seat. This then implies how the old seat's votes should be divided up amongst the new seats which take its voters. A further article describes the calculation method, and there is a list of the Local Councils and Elections used.

The full implied results for 2005 under the new boundaries can be seen in two formats:

History of revisions. The data presented has been revised at various times.

Changes in numbers of seats

Regions can have either lost or gained seats. The table shows both the changes to total seats and the changes to party totals (as at 5 May 2005). Click on the Region links to see a summary of all the new seats in the region, with changes highlighted. Click on the Ward Breakdown links to see, for each district ward, its old seat, its new seat, and its recent local election result.

RegionOld SeatsNew SeatsChangeCONLABLIBNATWard
North3635-10-100710 wards
Lancashire31310+1-100469 wards
Greater Manchester2827-10-100287 wards
Yorkshire3130-10-2+10405 wards
Humberside3231-10-100434 wards
West Midlands2928-10-100239 wards
East Midlands36382+2000688 wards
Severn36360+1-100744 wards
Wales404000+10-1891 wards
East Anglia34362+1+100817 wards
Essex353610+100665 wards
West28302+10+10599 wards
North London3736-1+1-200400 wards
South London37370-1+100373 wards
South West2931200+20692 wards
South3738100+10695 wards
South East33330+4-400614 wards

These boundary changes result in a net loss of Labour's parliamentary majority of 24.

Disappearing Seats

These eight old seats, although they do not vanish into space, are particularly fragmented after the boundary changes and do not form the largest part of any new seat. The current MPs for those seats will have to find an alternative neighbouring seat before the next election.

Old seatCurrent MPCounty/Area
Sunderland SouthChris MullinNewcastle area (North)
Knowsley North and Sefton EastGeorge HowarthMerseyside (Lancashire)
EcclesIan StewartCentral Manchester (Greater Manchester)
NormantonEd BallsWest Yorkshire (Yorkshire)
Barnsley West and PenistoneMichael ClaphamSouth Yorkshire (Humberside)
Birmingham Selly Oak Lynne JonesBirmingham (West Midlands)
Brent SouthDawn ButlerBrent (North London)
HornchurchJames Brokenshire Havering (North London)

Seats changing hands

We calculate that the following seats would have had a different outcome at the last general election had the new boundaries been in force then. This is the answer to a hypothetical question, so cannot be proved, but it is our best current estimate.

Old seatCurrent MPNew seatImplied
CaernarfonHywel WilliamsArfon255 Gwynedd (Wales)
Brent EastSarah TeatherBrent Central8,767 Brent (North London)
Croydon CentralAndrew PellingCroydon Central221 Croydon (South London)
Devon West and TorridgeGeoffrey CoxDevon West and Torridge52 Devon (South West)
Enfield NorthJoan RyanEnfield North275 Enfield (North London)
Finchley and Golders GreenRudi VisFinchley and Golders Green281 Barnet (North London)
GillinghamPaul ClarkGillingham and Rainham83 Kent (South East)
GuildfordAnne MiltonGuildford105 Surrey (South)
Hammersmith and FulhamGreg HandsHammersmith4,733 Hammersmith and Fulham (North London)
Hampstead and HighgateGlenda JacksonHampstead and Kilburn621 Camden (North London)
Lancaster and WyreBen WallaceLancaster and Fleetwood6,790 Lancashire (Lancashire)
Milton Keynes North EastMark LancasterMilton Keynes North1,465 Buckinghamshire (Essex)
Northampton SouthBrian BinleyNorthampton South2,155 Northamptonshire (East Anglia)
MedwayRobert Marshall-AndrewsRochester and Strood667 Kent (South East)
SelbyJohn GroganSelby and Ainsty771 North Yorkshire (Yorkshire)
Sittingbourne and SheppeyDerek WyattSittingbourne and Sheppey56 Kent (South East)
Staffordshire MoorlandsCharlotte AtkinsStaffordshire Moorlands1,340 Staffordshire (Severn)
Thanet SouthStephen LadymanThanet South588 Kent (South East)
Wirral WestStephen HesfordWirral West184 Merseyside (Lancashire)
Vale of YorkAnne McIntoshYork Outer2,262 North Yorkshire (Yorkshire)

Newly created seats

This list of 12 newly created seats provides a rare opportunity for prospective parliamentary candidates to get selected for a winnable seat which has no incumbent.

New seatPartyImplied
BroadlandCon514 Norfolk (East Anglia)
Chelsea and FulhamCon10,066 Hammersmith and Fulham (North London)
ChippenhamLib3,841 Wiltshire (West)
Derbyshire MidCon5,899 Derbyshire (East Midlands)
Devon CentralCon4,546 Devon (South West)
Filton and Bradley StokeCon1,461 Bristol area (West)
Kenilworth and SouthamCon10,559 Warwickshire (East Midlands)
Meon ValleyCon2,089 Hampshire (South)
Northamptonshire SouthCon10,862 Northamptonshire (East Anglia)
St Austell and NewquayLib6,037 Cornwall (South West)
WithamCon7,286 Essex (Essex)
Wyre and Preston NorthCon15,117 Lancashire (Lancashire)

Local election results

As part of the process of making more accurate implied 2005 results, we have built up a dataset of local election results. This was a big project and is now complete. The local election results are visible in the Ward Breakdown pages in the table of regions above.

Our special thanks both to Andrew Teale, whose website is very useful for the 2003 and 2004 elections, and to Richard Kimber for his invaluable archive at Keele. We are also grateful to all those district and borough councils who have made their results available on the web, and to those council officers and councillors who have responded to additional requests for results.