Old Seats

The next general election will use the new constituency boundaries. The main Electoral Calculus predictions and data pages now show the new seats only.

This pages has information on the old seats, including predictions for the next general election if the new seats were not going to be used. For most purposes, it is better to use the new seat lookup instead.

Old Seat Prediction

This prediction is based on the old parliamentary constituencies and should not be relied upon. Please see the new seat prediction instead.

Current Prediction: Labour majority 192

Party2019 Votes2019 SeatsPred VotesLow SeatsPred SeatsHigh Seats
CON 44.7%365 21.8%49144236
LAB 33.0%203 38.8%304421510
LIB 11.8%11 11.0%204269
Reform 2.1%0 16.4%0067
Green 2.8%1 6.3%013
SNP 4.0%48 3.3%61939
PlaidC 0.5%4 0.8%346
Other 1.1%0 1.8%011
SF 7  7 
DUP 8  6 
SDLP 2  2 
Alliance 1  2 
UUP 0  1 

Find your old seat by postcode

We can look up the name of your old constituency (and local council and ward) by using your post code. Or if you know the name of your seat, you can type and/or scroll to find it in the list below. Just enter your postcode in the box and press 'return' or click the button:

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Find your old seat by name

If you know the name of your seat, you can type and/or scroll to find it in this list

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Find your old seat by group

There are also sheets of seats, grouped alphabetically by constituent UK nation. Just click on a sheet and find your seat:

Northern Ireland

Other ways to find old constituency names from post codes

Ordnance Survey have a useful site called Election Maps, for example the GB election map, which lets you enter your postcode in the search box. Click on BOUNDARY, and select "Westminster Constituencies".